SAKARTA: Transforming Cell Therapy Production

SAKARTA is an exciting start-up with an objective to transform the Regenerative Medicine field through the delivery of automated systems that reduce both production costs and product variability, thus enabling cell and gene therapies to become a mainstream component of an advanced healthcare system.

Our Key Collaborators




The Division of Cell Therapy within the Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation (Kobe, Japan) is engaged in a number of cutting edge activities within the regenerative medicine space. More >


The UK Stem Cell Bank ( within the NIBSC, Herts, UK) has been "Assuring the quality of stem cells through banking, research, and regulatory science" since 2003. More >

Regenerative medicine offers a

transformative approach to healthcare,

with the potential to not only treat, but cure disease. The therapeutic application of cells, or cell-based therapy, forms a fundamental part of this landscape and already has global revenues of over US$1 billion.