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Our Key Collaborators

The therapeutic application of cells, or cell-based therapy has global revenues of over US$1 billion.

The Division of Cell Therapy is engaged in a number of cutting edge activities within the regenerative medicine space including:

  1. Cell processing services to establish a sustainable framework for cell processing
GMP-grade cell processing for investigator- or sponsor-led clinical trials.
Facility management for the Cell Processing Centre (CPC).
Consultation for CPC designing, operation, training and management.
  1. Clinical trials to develop new approaches to cell therapy

Clinical trials focused on regenerative medicine
  1. Quality assurance services and consultation with testing cellular products

Viral, bacterial and mycoplasma testing; endotoxin measurements meeting customer’s requirements.
In vivo and in vitro preclinical testing of cellular products. 
Consultation for preparation of documents for regulatory agencies.
  1. Collaborative research activities

Joint research and development projects with companies in the field of cell biology